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OLIMA  JS手持無線噴壺

  • 無線打泡設計,你要的泡沫,JS手持噴壺打給你

  • 非打氣方式,毋須預留空氣內部空間,1.8L容量可完全裝好裝滿(實際最滿可到2L)

  • 搭配快拆設計,使用完直接一轉一開(無須洩壓、毋須轉數圈鎖緊噴瓶)

  • 耐酸鹼清潔劑規格,可直接將清潔劑泡沫化

  • 防潑水能力提供,內建電池可連續工作達1小時以上


OLIMA 【DIY Iron Particle Remover】

  • Thoroughly dissolves fallout particles and decontaminates all surfaces, including automotive paint, glass and wheels.
  • Simple spray formula instantly creates chemical reaction with iron particles and turns purple upon contact.

OLIMA 【DIY Bug & Tar Remover】

  • Quickly breaks down former marks from corrosive insects and tar remains.
  • Exclusive stubborn stains ex. bird droppings, tape marks, wax remains and clay bar marks can also be removed.

OLIMA 【DIY ALLoy Wheel and Tyre Cleaner】

  • 快速有效去除鋁圈上的髒污,回復光澤,特殊滑度加強配方,可避免清潔鋁圈時產生細微刮痕並保持光亮如新,
  • 亦可噴灑清潔輪胎表面有效清潔,恢復原本色澤
  • 鹼性配方,適用於一般原廠或是表面有烤漆的鋁圈,絕對避免使用於電鍍&陽極&鍍鉻鋁圈


OLIMA【Concentrate car wash C300】

  • Phosphorus-free and neutral formula keeps the formal waxed surface and brings out the shine.
  • Wax-free, so feel free to apply it on all surfaces.
  • Get super glossy and shiny with the least effort.

OLIMA【Clay cleaning package】

  • 黏土潤滑劑搭配黏土、黏土布或是黏土手套一起使用
  • 快速潤滑表面,跑黏土時不易沾黏卡卡
  • 有效增加表面潤滑性並減少摩擦
  • 延長黏土類產品的使用次數


OLIMA【Glass cleaner】

  • 環保中性洗劑含特殊清潔配方,揮發速度快,不留下水痕汙漬
  • 不需費力擦拭,能使玻璃達到透亮效果
  • 可用車窗、大樓玻璃及鏡面等



OLIMA【Glass polish】

  • Effectively removes all streaks, spots, and greasy stains, leaving nothing behind.
  • Brings back the original shine and transparency of all glass surfaces.